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................the intelligent pontoon system


Solent Marine Ancillary Products:

    • All Pile guides are fabricated from steel and then galvanised. Low friction UHMWPE rubbing blocks provide a hard-wearing surface that allows the pontoons to slide on the piles. These are replaceable and can be supplied separately.
    • We commonly supply and install fibre-glass safety ladders on our pontoons, we can also however supply galvanised steel ladders. 
    • Fibre-glass pile caps can be supplied to help protect the top of piles, these come in many different colours and sizes. 
    • Our connection kits included all the bolts, nuts, lock nuts and washers along with the rubber bushes to replace (or keep as spare) and old or damaged sets. 
    • Our 3 ton cleats are cast from an aluminum alloy before being de-burred and cleaned up to ensure a neat finish. These have been developed, tested and proven over years of use.
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